Thursday, 15 January 2015

New Year, New Projects!

Where did 2014 go...The hubby and I have been living in this house for just over 2 years now, and we still don't have a completed room...granted we are closer than we were at this point last year, but still, this is getting silly!  I wish DIY motivation was abundant, but alas it isn't!  It gets too much to take in sometimes, and when that happens, you want to bury your head in wine and ice cream to keep yourself from going insane!

Anyhoo, onwards and upwards!  The huge project we have this year is (crossing fingers and all other available extremities) the full kitchen remodel, we will require a lovely (and rather huge) cash injection from the bank to get that beast underway!  

When I say it's a huge project, I'm really not joking, we need a new roof, work done on the drainage, a full re-plumb and re-wire, damp proofing, new windows and doors, a new concrete floor, and only then, finally, can a new kitchen and new appliances go in (I would literally sell my kidney for a dishwasher, I haven't had one for 2+ years and it's made me miserable).  Woof!  That's a whole lotta moolah!!!

Then there's the small matter of the partially completed rest of the house and the mountain of thrifted furniture to be up-cycled we have hidden all over the place - completing at least one room would be a bonus!!  Everywhere is so close, but so far!!!  Here's some fancy pants panoramic sneaky peaks of where we are right now!  I'm keeping it real, these are not staged, I've not bothered to clean or tidy!  The house is a wee bit further forwards than the blog has covered so far, so I'll get to the in between bits soon I promise!!!

Here's the Living / Dining Room...Chaos as per!

Here's the manky Kitchen...actually unusually tidy!

Here's the Guest Bedroom / Laundrette...the room to hide stuff in!  The most finished I think!

Here's the Hallway and'll notice we finally have a door on the bathroom, it only took 2 years!

And finally, here's the Master...distinctly lacking wardrobes!

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