Monday, 13 October 2014

We're All Toasty and Warm (and Skint)!

You may wonder where my posts have been for the last few weeks!  I'd like to give you a great excuse that my leg has fallen off, but that would not be true.  I've been busy, kind of!  I've been my mother's plus one for an overnight spa trip (an anniversary gift from my dad), I've had my very first weekend house guest to stay, I've had the world's worst viral infection / flu type thing, and I've given up smoking!  All told it's been an anti blogging conspiracy

Excuses / apologies done, and now the nicotine withdrawal rage has subsided, so to my topic of the week, which I am sharing as the weather is NASTY, so much so, we're in the loft at some stage this week to pack away the summer clothes and get down the winter gear, as I'm already partially hibernating, luckily, unlike last winter we are in a much better position to snuggle up and hunker down!  

This time last year, I practically had zero heating right up until November when out of desperation, our plumber came around and fitted a few radiators here and there as all we had was a Dyson Hot that we would carry with us wherever we went!  Now, two years and one week from our move in date, we finally have the main house plumbed in and heated...YIPPEE!  AND we finally have a wood burner installed and in use (although I'll save that for another day)!  Told you things were progressing.

Here are our additions in all their glory..with some sneaky peaks of some decorating we have done, and (more commonly) the bits we haven't finished as yet!  

B&Q Acova Radiators
Master Bedroom
B&Q Acova Radiators
Guest Bedroom
B&Q Acova Radiators
The Radiator Company Ancona
Dining Room
The Radiator Company Ancona
Living Room
Now, before we get down to brass tacks, disclaimer time, I have an issue with radiators, they are ugly, nice ones are expensive, and when I mean expensive I mean GDP of a small country expensive, this is the first time I have totalled up the costs.  I'm scared!

Basically, I was going for a Victorian but modern look, so chose and ordered the living and dining room radiators from this company, I did this way back when we still had our first lump of cash when we moved in, I did almost poop my pants at the cost of them, but went ahead anyway, after that the money was dwindling to non existent so I found some looky likey cheaper (although only slightly) ones after that, those were from B&Q! 

Radiator Costs
The Radiator Company Ancona Living & Dining Room - £994.01
B&Q Acova Radiator Master Bedroom £127, each but they were on sale so - £198 
B&Q Acova Radiator Guest Room - £159
B&Q Acova Radiator Hallway - £219
Thermostatic Valves x 5 - £150
Estimate Fitting at £150 day rate - £300
Total Cost - £2020.01

The only thing remaining to buy are white pipe snaps to cover the copper pipes and white feet to cover the hole in the floor where the pipes go, which I need to find and buy when I get up off the floor after cringing at how much money we have spent on radiators!

Ever delayed tallying up costs cos they were ridiculous? too!  Tell me all about it! 

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