Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Wash & Scrub Up: Finishing the Bathroom

This post has been a long time coming, I shared the other bathroom stuff with you way back in Feb and March, and the bathroom was actually the second room we tackled with paint.  I would say we are about 95% done, so perhaps the above title is misleading, but hey ho, whats a bit of truth stretching between friends.  There are still some snagging bits & bobs to get done, none of which taxing or expensive, just really dull, which I'm sure I will get to once the 'to do' list goes below 1000 or I get really bored, which ever comes first.  

Now, lets get the cautionary tale out of the way!  I thought painting fresh plaster would be a dream!  I WAS WRONG!  It's horrible, firstly it needs a mist coat, 50% paint, 50% water, then it will take another 3 coats at least to get good coverage, and even then it doesn't look smooth, there will still be some patches that catch the light differently, plus gluey bits that need to be scraped back and filled.  It's not perfect, but it'll do for now.  

Regarding colour, we really pushed the boat out and went with white, which was possibly a silly choice as it shows up all blemishes!  We toyed with colour for a while, considering lime green, turquoise or grey, but nope, we were not brave enough and we couldn't make up our minds, so we went with brilliant white.  After all it goes with everything, mind you, you get snow blind putting it on the walls, but it looks fresh and clean!  We used our normal 'go to' brand, which is Dulux, we used Dulux Trade Supermatt for the mist coat and then Dulux Bathroom paint for the final coats, 10l of the trade will set you back about £40, we bought 3 originally, so I am pretty sure it was on a 3 for 2 deal at the time, we have only just used our last drop a few weeks back so I'll count it here, but actually we have got 3 rooms out of it.  Let's call it £80 for the 3 x 10l, then £23 for 2l Dulux bathroom paint.    

So we had a white box, next up was getting some privacy going as this was a bedroom there was no frosting in the windows, and the panes are pretty low down, so anyone looking could actually see you on the pan...bad times!  The privacy thing is actually a work in progress, as this room doesn't yet have a door, anyone at the front door can actually see straight up the stairs into the shower!  That'll be sure to give the postman a shock!   

We actually got a quote for replacing the panes of glass with sandblasted versions but this was going to cost £300 that we just didn't have.  Instead we opted for the cheap as chips option of window film, you can get it all over, it cost about a fiver and it works a goodun once you figure out the film needs to be cut a few millimetres less than than the space you are covering or the seal around the glass panes will make it bubble round the edges!   We went for opaque at the bottom, and had loads of offcuts, so did a striped design at the top, we think as it looks pretty snazzy.  Finally we ordered a made to measure plain bathroom roller blind from Direct Blinds, you send them the measurements and they post it out you, I've used them before in the old flat and they are really quick to manufacture and post them out to you.  This set us back just £26.74.  

Window film DIY striped design
Striped Window Design
Next up was some homely touches and the essentials like toilet roll holders, a bin, laundry basket, bathmats, towels, loo brush, & toothbrush receptacles.  I'm not even sure how much all these bits and bobs cost as they were bought over a period of time mainly from IKEA, but it was probably more than it could have been if I'd have shopped around. I know the cute sign below was £12 from Sainburys, kind of a lot as it's only small, but it was vintage-y looking and cute so I couldn't resist.  

Sainsburys decorative metal sign
Wakey Wakey!
Next up, the mirrors to sit under the sconces (lighting counted here) were £12 each from IKEA, they no longer seem to have the oval mirrors on the website, but I'm pretty certain they were the KOLJA range.  As an added bonus, as they are light weight, no drilling was needed, we stuck em on with waterproof 'no more nails', about £5 a tube me thinks. 

Then as we have kept the under sink area open instead of having cabinets, we needed some stylish storage, yet again IKEA came to the rescue with their RASKOG kitchen range, we got the grey cabinet and trolley for £50n each.  They cabinet in particular has a vintage vibe and was the right colour for the room, so even though we could have / should have checked out some furniture we could up-cycle for mere pennies, we were eager to get this room usable so we took the plunge.  

IKEA RASKOG Cabinet and Trolley
Think 1950s Apothecary!
IKEA RASKOG Cabinet and Trolley
Matching trolley provides much
needed storage
You might notice some of my other finds scattered in this room too.  Did you see them?  I used the elephant hooks I found here next to the basins for hand towels, and the altimeter I told you about here, it finally made it out of the loft!

Vintage Altimeter
Vintage Altimeter

So, there you have it, the finished-ish room from the doorway and from the window...It's a pretty big room, but I just couldn't seem to get it all into just one shot.  I have a disclaimer too, this has not really been staged, it looks like it normally does, maybe slightly tidier, but there's always stuff on the ledge that we use...I do promise to get better at lovely magazine-esque styled shots for future though!

Vintage bathroom design
Done for now!

And, now for the brass tacks!

The Sums
Paint: Approx. £103 although we only used a fraction of this,
Window Blind: £26.74
Window Film: £5 
Sundries, bits & bobs etc.: Approx £80
Mirrors: £24 
Mirror adhesive: £5
Storage trolley: £50
Storage Cupboard: £50
The other bathroom costs for taps, shower bath etc. are outlined here valued at £6,296.07, and the above comes to £343.74.  Cripes, it's a lot when you add it all up, but the bathroom is lovely, and exactly how we wanted it, so that's the main thing!

Added anything up recently that has made your hair curl..?  Let me know, leave a comment and we can commiserate with one another! 


  1. It looks great. I wish my bathroom were 95% done!

    1. How is the grouting job going? Must sounds a horrible one, but on the plus side, it'll yield major results once you're done.

    2. Also there is a reason I went with black grout, I'm a pretty crap house keeper so it hides any marks...genius even if I do say so myself.

      Any chance a grey or black would work with's 10x messier to apply but you'll never have to do it again...hoorah!

    3. Just checked in over @CapeofDreams....Yippee you went with black grout! Been partially MIA as got parent shamed into cleaning house yesterday! I did say I was a crappy house keeper.

  2. Your bathroom looks so good! I love that double sink and the tiles you used! You are making great progress - I'm in awe of the work you guys have done!

  3. Why thank you, that's a lovely boost. Its gets old living in chaos after a while...I bet you had that when you tackled the mammoth popcorn ceiling project. Glad our really messy crappy jobs are mostly done with now...a few horribles ones left in the kitchen but not till next year me thinks...unless they start giving away free kitchens for any reason!


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