Saturday, 30 August 2014

I'm Officially the WORST Blogger Ever!

Well hello there Internet folks, it's literally been an age!  

Why?  The usual I guess; stress, work, time, money, and inclination both from a bloggy and a DIY point of view, nothing happened here for weeks and weeks, months even, and we still don't have a finished room even though we will have lived here for 2 years in just over 4 weeks time!  It's insane, where does the time go?

Things have been a bit more positive recently though, things have started to move forward again on the house front, the summer seems to be coming to an end, so we have been more inclined to be indoors, so much so, we have several almost finished rooms now and not just one or two.  We have built some stuff, had some trades in, up-cycled some bits and bobs, AND I have scored some major home awesomeness recently, both free and dirt cheap.  Some of my purchases, which have been squirrelled away for almost 2 years have also started to come out of hiding and make it into the house!  Hoorah!

Since I last checked in, loads has happened.  Matthew left his job, was almost unemployed, but then wasn't, we sold our car, promptly spent the money on the house, I went to India again for a couple of weeks.  I was crippled for a short spell with recurrence of my back injury which luckily sorted itself out after a month or so.  

On a more positive note, our family has grown, Matthew and I are now parents to two furry dog-babies...they are noisy nightmares, but I wouldn't change them for anything!  Here they are in all their furry glory!  Lolly is Dottie's doggie mother, she is the sweetest, most timid dog ever, she likes to walk for miles and she plays fetch!  We are allegedly fostering her, but now she's been with us for almost two months, that's it, she's officially dognapped!

Two Sleeping Chihuahuas
A rare moment of calm!

So, as I alluded above, I have mucho DIY stuff to share, and will try to put keyboard to blogger soon to share some happenings from last year that I haven't even shared with you all yet as well as recent DIY highs, lows and everything in between!  


  1. Welcome back! I am currently in the midst of the biggest headache re-grouting the bathroom, but when I saw your comment I just had to take a break and respond. Don't worry about not having any finished rooms. I don't think that there will ever be an official end point for me. Of course, you would probably like to have at least the doors. LOL. I would never be able to give that adorable doggie up. Give them both scritches from me.

    1. Consider them scritched!

      Yes doors would be nice...have our first overnight house guest at the beginning of October so doors have to be done quick smart as Im sure our guest would prefer to shower with a door on the bathroom...will try to order them today me thinks!


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