Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Master Bedroom Chronicles: Starting the First Room

The first room in the house of horrors we tackled was the master bedroom…after all we had been sleeping in the dining room for months while the upstairs was gutted and re-plastered.  

We moved downstairs in June 2013 and If I remember correctly, we didn't get back upstairs until November 2013, it's now September-ish 2014, and even though almost a year has passed we haven't touched it since!  We are officially incapable of finishing anything, we flit around doing odd bits and bobs, and are the the most proficient people in the world at procrastinating!

Now, down to business, the first job was replacing the broken and missing floor boards, some of them were really damaged from the years of being chopped into to fit heating, wiring etc., luckily we were able to use the salvaged boards from the bathroom, so other than screws and the like this job was free.  Annoyingly, there was loads of packing out needed to level out the floor, it's nowhere near level now, but it's a damn site better than how it was.

Warped floor joists
World's wonkiest flooring!
On to step two, once everything was screwed down, no nails for us, we were going for stability and nails have a tendency to work loose, we got to sanding those buggers, messy and very time consuming!  We bought a belt sander but it was way too vicious for the flooring and made it furry, and yes, you are right, we were using the wrong grade of paper and were too lazy/tight to go buy the right one, so in addition to Matthew repeatedly sanding the electric cable, we had to go over it all again with a finer grade with a hand sander!  It took ages, and was possibly the dullest DIY job ever! 

Right about now you are probably asking yourself if this post is going to get interesting anytime soon.  I understand, I'm right there with you...but that's the thing with a renovation project like ours, stripping out everything and then renovating from bare bones has been, at times, soul destroying!  This is the dull as balls nonsense that has to be suffered through before you get to the good stuff.  This is what makes you want to punch other home bloggers who are picking out paint colours and cushion covers in the face!  I'm keeping it real, and if it makes you think twice before buying your own renovation project then you're welcome!

If you can contain yourself from the excitement, the next job was filling the screw holes and filling the gaps between the boards.  It took an enormous amount of wood filler and flexible caulk, that it simply defied sense!  And I got bruised boobs, knees and ribs from spending days lying on the boards.  I have to say, this job is also up there along with sanding shit as the world's dullest blog topic and DIY job! 

Renovating Victorian Floor Boards
Thrilling Filling!  Yep, that's sarcasm!
Now, before we all start drinking bleach and jumping out of open windows, this is the last topic that I'm going to share on the master bedroom, it's slightly more interesting than filling and sanding, but I'll be honest, not by much!   

Steady yourself now...we built a hearth!  We had to smash out the existing 110+ year old concrete hearth as it was not held up with anything other than some lath and plaster on the ceiling below, bad times!  This wasn't costly as we already had some kiln dried 4x2s kicking about from the bathroom reno, so we bolted in a simple frame to the brickwork and existing joists to hold the new hearth and us if we chose to stand on it!  Then we chucked on some thick ply wood also from the bathroom renovation!

Tah-dah!  The torture is over, here is where we are leaving it..a room all ready to paint!

I'd like to say there will be no more dull as dishwater posts, but actually I'd be lying...more to follow on the master bedroom soon!  Laters folks!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

I'm Officially the WORST Blogger Ever!

Well hello there Internet folks, it's literally been an age!  

Why?  The usual I guess; stress, work, time, money, and inclination both from a bloggy and a DIY point of view, nothing happened here for weeks and weeks, months even, and we still don't have a finished room even though we will have lived here for 2 years in just over 4 weeks time!  It's insane, where does the time go?

Things have been a bit more positive recently though, things have started to move forward again on the house front, the summer seems to be coming to an end, so we have been more inclined to be indoors, so much so, we have several almost finished rooms now and not just one or two.  We have built some stuff, had some trades in, up-cycled some bits and bobs, AND I have scored some major home awesomeness recently, both free and dirt cheap.  Some of my purchases, which have been squirrelled away for almost 2 years have also started to come out of hiding and make it into the house!  Hoorah!

Since I last checked in, loads has happened.  Matthew left his job, was almost unemployed, but then wasn't, we sold our car, promptly spent the money on the house, I went to India again for a couple of weeks.  I was crippled for a short spell with recurrence of my back injury which luckily sorted itself out after a month or so.  

On a more positive note, our family has grown, Matthew and I are now parents to two furry dog-babies...they are noisy nightmares, but I wouldn't change them for anything!  Here they are in all their furry glory!  Lolly is Dottie's doggie mother, she is the sweetest, most timid dog ever, she likes to walk for miles and she plays fetch!  We are allegedly fostering her, but now she's been with us for almost two months, that's it, she's officially dognapped!

Two Sleeping Chihuahuas
A rare moment of calm!

So, as I alluded above, I have mucho DIY stuff to share, and will try to put keyboard to blogger soon to share some happenings from last year that I haven't even shared with you all yet as well as recent DIY highs, lows and everything in between!  

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