Monday, 7 October 2013

One Year Anniversary of the House of Horrors: To Do List Revisited

Now October is here we have been in our house an entire has been tough, but we have almost broken the back of the renovation to get the main part of the house livable.  Way back in May, I shared the 'To Do List' with some wildly crazy estimates of how much we reckoned we would spend.  I have had a bit of a re-arrange to try and group things together by areas, and I have added some room by room to do lists too. 

Here's how it's all shaping up with what we have shared so far, and of course what we have spent.  Eeek!   

Electrics & Lighting
1. Get a new consumer unit so we don't die when we use the hairdryer, and re-wire the entire house, you known so we don't die!
2. Get sexy modern light switch plates to give it the 'high spec' look
3. NEW: Obtain new light fixtures and fittings for the house
Update:  We are all re-wired in the main part of the house, just the kitchen and extension to go, and we have almost all the switches we need, just a few random ones we missed and we have some light fittings included in the costs here too, but alas more are needed.
Total so far: £3,290.65

Damp, Guttering & Drainage
1. Damp proof the entire ground floor 
Update:  We are all done with the main parts of the house, just the kitchen and extension to go.  See how we got on here.
Total so far: £1,910.64
2. New soffits, fascias and guttering everywhere 
Update:  We did a patch up job here on the front down pipe, but the rest is still to do.
Total so far: £32.11
3. Dig a soak-a-way in the back garden as there is zero drainage
£Free as I can dig with the best of them

Plumbing and Heating
1.  Get a big ass boiler as we have big bathroom plans. 
Update:  We are all done with the boiler, see how we got on here!
Total so far: £2,570
2.  Replace all the radiators with more traditional styled ones
Update:  The radiators are all bought, it's just getting them in the house now, costs and styles to be shared very soon. 

Outside Spaces
1.  Landscape the front garden and make it sexy, put in a local authority approved dropped kerb and driveway. 
£Your guess is as good as mine
2.  Re-instate the Victorian-esque tiled pathway to the front door which some doofus has covered in concrete or removed completely
£Your guess is as good as mine
3.  Build a huge patio for alfresco living, complete with pizza oven and BBQ, as we are known for our great summers in the UK - Yeah right!
£Your guess is as good as mine
4. NEW:  Doggie Proof the Garden
Here's how we got on here
Total: £198

1.  New front door
Update:  We are all done, see how we got on here!
Total: £1,062
2.  Replace all the doors throughout with reproduction period doors and add more Victorian-esque hardware

1.  Convert the loft to re-instate the third bedroom with a full width dormer and a en-suite
2.  Build a side return to widen the kitchen area
Update:  We are scrapping this plan entirely as there just isn't enough space for the money, as £6,000 is wildly under estimating how much this would cost.  This involves some major structural stuff.  
3.  Demolish the existing bathroom extension
£Free as I am that good with a sledge hammer
Update:  Hopefully, the existing bathroom will be staying, the plans are in from the architect, but no real movement on this will happen until next year.
4.  Heighten the first extension off the back of the kitchen and have doors opening out to the garden.  Update:  With the plans in we have changed the budget here to renew the roof across both extensions, so this budget has increased from £6,000 to £15,000
5.  Repair the floors in the living room that have suffered from the damp
Update:  We are almost done in this respect, so I will share some costs etc very soon.  I can tell you now, that £600 was only a distant dream....Ooops
6.  NEW:  Plastering
Update:  Well we didn't allocate any money here, and it ended up a massive job!  We have had the whole place done except for the kitchen and old bathroom, I reckon I will cover this cost in the the extension renovation, so we will consider this done and finished.  Here's the story here and here.
Total: £5,446.89 

1.  Move the bathroom upstairs into a small bedroom
2. NEW:  Add some bathroom storage
Update:  We are done mostly...more details to follow once all the scores on the doors are in.  Here's a sneaky peaky...

Don't you just want to lick the metro tiles?  Soo

1.  Put in new kitchen, flooring and tiling

NEW:  Master Bedroom
1. Put in the salvaged period fireplace from the living room
2. Patch up the flooring and paint
3. Add a DIY tiled hearth
4. Paint and decorate
5. Add furniture, wardrobes drawers, & bedside cabinets
6. Add window treatments
7. Reinstate coving, picture rail and skirting
8. Add art, decor and finishing touches.

NEW:  Guest Room / Office
1. Put in a salvaged period fireplace, again, because some doofus has removed it
2. Patch up the flooring and paint
3. Add a DIY hearth
4. Paint and decorate
4. Add furniture, bed, drawers, desk & bedside cabinet
5. Add window treatments
6. Reinstate coving, picture rail and skirting
7. Add art, decor and finishing touches

NEW:  Living / Dining Room
1.  Get a wood burner & two slate hearths in the living room, one the planned log store and the other for the log burner
2. Paint and decorate
3. Add custom built in cupboards in the chimney alcoves
4. DIY floating shelves for the alcoves
5. Upgrade dining table to a 6/8 seater, I have my eyes on some lovely mid-century pieces
6. Add window treatments
7. Reinstate coving, picture rail and skirting
8. Add art, decor, a rug and other finishing touches
Update: I snagged an Eames-esque rack for magazines for £10 herethis might find it's way into the living room
Total so far: £10

NEW:  Hallway and Landing
1Paint and decorate
2. Add coving, skirting and door architraves, possibly some corbels
3. Renew the hallway floor, stabilise the joists and surface, and tile
4. Add in a sunken coir mat in the entryway
5. Patch up and paint the stairs and landing flooring
6. Remove the door from the airing cupboard and add custom open shelving for towels and bedding etc. 
7. Add art, mirrors etc.
Update:  I snagged some mirrors for the hall way here, I think they would be great in an arrangement by the door to bounce light around
Total so far: £60

I am not even going to bother adding up the estimated costs here, it's just too heart attack inducing, but as I am a slight glutton for punishment, what we have shared so far in this delightful blog has come a whopping £14,580.29...and I have yet to share the full flooring story, the bathroom remodel and the other bits and bobs of decor and furniture I have been squirrelling away to go into this house.  I feel faint, I am so in over my head right now, and the worst part...I still don't have a single finished room!


  1. That number would make me feel faint too! I also understand the pain of having such a long to-do list, but you just have to focus on the items that you have already crossed off. Slowly but surely you will get there.

    1. I know right, little by little...we started on the flooring upstairs this week, lots more dust when they get sanded, but that's the last of the mucky work once we are done. Then we paint....


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