Thursday, 3 October 2013

Did Your Mother Teach You Anything?

Conversation I had about an hour ago at the Petrol Station while paying for fuel and a birthday card for my Grandad...I'll set the scene, I've just been to physio and to the gym for the first time in forever due to being a cripple, granted I don't look that hot today, but seriously, W.T.F?

Selfie, in my gym gear!

Assistant:  Happy birthday!

Me: No, it's not my birthday, it's for my Grandad, it's his birthday.  (I'm thinking said assistant is a weirdo, I mean who buys themselves a birthday card?) 

Assistant:  Oh your Grandkid's birthday.

Me: (Incensed OBVIOUSLY and staring daggers)  Err, how old do you think I am exactly?...I would have had to have been like four when I had a kid...It's my GRANDAD'S birthday.

Once I had paid, I rode out of that shop on my high horse...then I got to thinking driving back home, I'm 32 if I had a kid when I was 16, who had a kid when they were 16, I could be a Grandma, this chick was a Granny at 23, granted she's from somewhere in the back arse of nowhere, and I'm in the home counties darling, but it is in the realms of possibility!  Anyhoo, I got right back on my high horse, (look away now if you are in the P.C. brigade) as basically, I was either just called an old hag...or he just called me a chav...seriously...I say it again, Dude, W.T.F!

So, either I look like a chav, an old hag, or the assistant is mentally deficient!

Yep, that dude will be carted off in a straight jacket any day now....

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