Friday, 6 September 2013

What the.....!

At the start of May, before I dashed off to India again, we decided as the sun was shining, it was time to do some garden chores, the first since we dog proofed the garden way back last year.  We had a stationary laundry line which I hated, and as one of the first things we bought for the house when we moved in was a rotary dryer (we installed it totally wonky, but never mind, still does the job!), we decided to get rid of the two poles, along with a rotten raised bed made out of decking.  

What we thought was going to be a couple of hours work, soon turned into a such, we have left the other one for later.  It was about 4 ft deep and had so much concrete down there you would have thought they were hanging out elephants to dry.....

We'll get round the other one at some stage, but the inside of the house is a disaster zone, so that takes priority right now!  And the above concrete lump and pole is where we left it at the end of May....Oops!

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