Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Nobody Likes a Damp Patch: Drain Maintenance

This was done way back at the start of year, when it was still freezing.  We had had the damp  proof course completed already, the trench was dug and the floor and walls were stripped allowing them to dry out.  But the war on water ingress was not over, and actually, if you own a house, it's never over!  Remember here when I told you all what to look out for?  Constant vigilance is what is needed!

We desperately needed to tackle the blocked drain and the broken down pipe at the front of the house...if we hadn't we would have wasted all that money getting in the professionals to inject the walls, for water to still get over the damp solution.  As DIY goes, this is a cheap as chips quick fix, where it really isn't if you need to call in the professionals.  I reckon, getting someone in to unblock a non poo drain and fix a new down pipe would cost you around £400.

We Needed the Following
Drainpipe, 2.5m £7.99
Elbow Joint £0.98
Pipe Socket £2.29
Hopper £13.49
Roof & Gutter Sealant £4.98
Pipe Clips £1.19 each, we needed two so £2.38
Drain Rods £Free borrowed from our neighbour, to buy they are about £20

Plus some normal DIY / Garden kit: Rubber Gloves, Tape Measure, Hosepipe, Hacksaw, Cartridge / Caulk Gun, Drill, Masonry Bit, Prise Bar, Rawl Plugs, & Screws

Total: £32.11

Now we were doing a temporary patch up job to see us through, eventually, we will dig up the entire drain run and re-set it into the mains, so we would need more pipes and something like this to bury.

So, on to the the task in hand, it was dead easy, here's what we did!

Step One
He removed the old damaged down pipe and the hopper...I have kept the hopper as it's the original cast iron one, it may be reborn as a planter, we'll see!

Step Two
He shoved his entire arm in the pipe to dig out the big bits of rubbish, crisp bags, gravel, soil, silt roots etc.  Then he got the rods shoved down there for good measure.

Step Three
Then he flashed his arse crack at all and sundry, and then complained when I took a picture for the internet.

Say yes to crack!

Step Four
He shoved the hose down the pipe and turned it on full pelt...This was my part, I was the official tap turner on and off'er.

Step Five
Then my part again, to inspect the flow of water, lucky me.  Once we prised off the manhole cover, I got to stand over the very deep drain to keep a look out for water passing through from the down pipe...luckily there were no solids as sewage runs along the bottom of the drain.

Step Six
We repeated step two, three, four, and five until we did see water flowing.  Holler like a loon when the water eventually starts coming through...that part was me!

Step Seven
Then the husband attached the new hopper to the wall, then measured the down pipe, cut, and glued with the sealant in the joins, attached the elbow to get the water into the pipe in the ground leading to the drain, he sealed that as well...finally he kept everything in place with the clips.  

Tah-Dah, all in all, it really was a fun way to spend a morning....


  1. The new drainpipes look great. Did your husband approve that crack shot?! Lol.

    1. Of course! But this is nowhere near the most embarrassing picture I have shown people of him, being quite the joker, he is always getting up to random high jinks and sometimes I am lucky enough to be ready with the camera, and manage to point and click while doubled over laughing!


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