Wednesday, 4 September 2013

M.I.A Extended Edition...

So, since my last post explaining why I had been M.I.A. as we were giving up the evil weed (F.Y.I. still clean and it's been almost 3 months now) and busying with moving downstairs and prepping the upstairs for the plasterers and the new bathroom which was due to commence work on 1st July, I actually ended up in hospital having emergency back surgery.  

Long story short, both the plastering and the new bathroom had to be put on loads of thanks to both of the John G's for being so understanding and rearranging their work load for us. 

As I mentioned I went to an antiques fayre way back on the 24th June, (more on that to follow) but then I literally couldn't walk...I had been having physiotherapy for months and it was not really fixing me properly, so I had already arranged to visit a spinal consultant on the 26th June, as it was so severe and they were concerned about permanent damage they rushed me straight in on the 27th for a MRI, 28th for a follow up, and 29th June in for the operation, they chopped out a great big chunk of disc from L5 / S1 and sent me on my way the next day...Magic!  In case anyone is local to Reading, the Spire Hospit
al is fantastic, I literally couldn’t praise them enough, great nurses, great rooms, and great service.  Not sure how I would have fared in the old NHS...I never plan to find out.

On and off, I have been pretty much crippled ever since (and for much of it, off my face on pretty awesome pain killers) so have been at home on sick leave.  I should have been up and running a good few weeks ago, but I overdid it, and literally ended up bedridden for 4 weeks, luckily, it was only irritated and not a full relapse.  

Surgery wound just after

Surgery wound more recently

So, for the duration, no blogging for me, as I couldn’t sit in a typing position at all.  I thought I would see how it goes today as I am actually due back at work this coming Monday, I was really up and about over the last two weeks until I caught a bug and was sneezing my head off over the weekend which has irritated my back again, so am pretty uncomfortable again, but I am hoping I should with some rest and light duties, recover in time to get back to work.

Being at home for so long has been DULL with a capital D, without Netflix and the tiny mutt for company, I am really not sure how my mental health would be.

As for living arrangements, think Willy Wonka with the grandparents in the kitchen!!  That’s been us...along with the dog, and all our worldly possessions dust and chaos for the duration of my recuperation.  


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