Monday, 23 September 2013

Gang Plank Style!

Post my return in early June from a work trip to India, this gang plank was the route to the only bathroom in the was put in especially for my return as I was crippled, prior to this Matthew just had to hop from joist to joist like a gibbon!

Shiver me timbers!
This is what happens when you live in a renovation project, there are sacrifices that nobody tells you about, and you only realise after it's to late, and you are committed to years of no holidays, or fancy meals out, like you were used to in your previous existence in your lovely affordable old flat.  The house you have bought eats money, and then comes back for seconds, and then dessert.  

Your life becomes a perpetual camping trip come assault course, where no matter how hard you try you can never find any socks, or anything else you need for that matter.  Was this really what you signed up for?  

You now wonder all the time why you have done this to yourself, why you have been swayed by the plethora of house porn in the likes of Houzz, and Young House Love, and why you idolise Kirsty Allsopp for making renovation look so civilised and fun, and that it can be done with 20p, a glue gun, and some staples...You realise now for realsies you wildly misjudged the situation, not like here, where you suspected as much, said the same same things but with a sense of fun and adventure...your husband becomes a pent up ball of stress and anger, and your oven door may or may not be in a gazillion pieces as it may have bore the brunt of the festering frustration, and it's an unspoken truth that this house was my idea and therefore this nightmare is all my fault...Nobody says that part out loud, but it simmers under the surface.  

But that was then, in the time that resulted in emergency surgery and months in bed with no sign of recovery, where he had to do it alone.  And this is now...I'm involved again, we are a team and it has started to come together, you can muster enough joie de vivre to rock out a post paying homage to Psy, and you know the fun bits are just around the corner!


  1. Go team! It is definitely easier to work with someone than it is to work alone. I do not know what I would do if something were to happen to Douglas.

    1. I know, it doesn't bear thinking about...Luckily we're now out the other side, and the hubster's been a star...we managed to get the garden sorted for autumn together this weekend, it was nice to just spend time together instead of him doing work and me being stuck in bed.


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