Friday, 20 September 2013

Floor Planner is the Shizz!

I spent almost all of last Sunday playing with Floor Planner.  Verdict?  It's amazeballs!  

It all started when we got some sketches through from our architect, he provided three to review along with some choice house porn so we could provide feedback on what we did and didn't like (more on my proclivities here).  Hubby and I decided we liked a bit of all three, but as we in the preliminary stages, and the work is well over a year away (cross fingers) he is not due to come visit us for a little while.  So I thought my best bet was to attempt a drawing, after all pictures speak louder than words.  I got a ruler and started a rough sketch with a stolen Ikea pencil, then I wasted another twenty minutes tromping around the house looking for a black pen so it would show up better on a dice, red was all I could find...This was what I ended up with...

Crap!  The hubby is correct, I do indeed have
spacial awareness issues

I totally realised it was way too short, fat and odd looking to actually be a representation of our house, but I sent it in any case along with an apology and some pithy critique of the house porn.  I pottered about a bit helping Matthew with some concreting (well I watched and prodded things with a stick), and then I went and bought some tiles, and then I got to thinking about the drawings I had seen on some rather talented people's blogs.  I had dismissed them in the past as it looked complicated, computery and needed a person with an awesome attention span (the opposite of me on both counts) but now my need was great due the embarrassment of the above so off I went with the instructional video, half watching, half faffing about with other things (there's that attention span thing again).  

Mmmmm, could I do this?  Apparently no I couldn't, so I watched the video again, this time paying attention, it's only six minutes after all.  And then I could, as ten minutes later I had rooms.  Then I sized the rooms, added a to scale sofa complete with an almost to scale Chihuahua (lol!), any smaller and it just looked like a stain on the couch, and then I fiddled some more and it went weird, but then I fixed it, and then it was midnight and I had been at it for hours.

Check these house is in my computer, and did I mention you can do 3D renderings, I did and I saw mini me and the husband through the windows...Freaky!

Floor Planner
Current Ground Floor: What it will look like when the bedroom is not in the dining room, and when the custom built ins we ordered are not 18 miles away in a workshop as said bed is in the way of them being fitted.  Oh, and I almost forgot, regretfully, Floor Planner do not offer the option to add the slugs and woodlice in the bathroom to make it extra authentic.  

Floor Plan First Floor

First Floor: Realistic, except the bath is in the small bedroom where the bed should be, full of stuff, the sink is in the master upside down, and the upstairs contents is of course downstairs.

Ground Floor: Then I did one for the architect showing how we want it to be, better all around don't you think!

Floor Plan Attic / Loft with Dorma

Loft Room:  Then I got carried away, as we are making a bedroom a bathroom, we always planned a new ensuite master, spiders and squirrels live we need to serve them notice in about 5 years time.

So that's that, how did you spend your Sunday?

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