Friday, 7 June 2013

What's Black, Yellow, Evil......

And DEAD....?

The wasp's nest under my bedroom floorboards once the Electrician sprays them with some hastily obtained WASP NEST KILLING FOAM! 

I am petrified of them so have basically thrust the spray at him, told him to have at it, while I hid!!

How can I sleep in there tonight?  He assured me the spray had worked really quickly and they were dying.


There are no pictures of them or it, pictures would mean getting in the room where they are which was not going to happen!  I got this though, best I could do!  Just ignore the scabby wrist, they'll be Indian mosquito bites...I really don't have much luck with insects.

They're under there!
So new plan for this weekend, find and fill the hole the buggers crawled into.  And as far as house maintenance jobs go, £4.99 if it works, is way better than calling in a professional for such a small nest!

1 comment:

  1. Ewww. That would make it difficult to sleep. Just be glad you got them before you were swarmed in your sleep. ;)


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