Thursday, 27 June 2013


We have been M.I.A. for a couple of a few things have been going on...!

We have both quit smoking, which for the first few days, makes you want to bury your head under your duvet and never come out, unless it is to stuff chocolate down your gullet.  On the plus side, we are now 12 days clean, and only about 1/2 a stone heavier each....Hooray!  We have not spent about £150 already, so we will be £4k better off in a years time.  Now, it's time to get rid of the extra chocolate / dominoes pizza weight we have both gained...!

We have been getting on with the DIY.  We only stopped squatting in the bedroom as our one usable room a couple of weeks ago, now as we are gluttons for punishment, we have now moved downstairs with all of our belongings and the dog.  Our living / dining room is now our only usable room in the entire house, this leaves us free to get the upstairs gutted!  We are trying to finish off all the stripping out of the old plaster, and we are almost finished, just the landing and hallway to go, as we have made a decision to get all of the filthy work done prior to getting the new bathroom fitted which is scheduled to commence next week. 

We attended our first antiques fair Monday just gone, we managed to pick up a few bargains for the house (more on that to follow), it was great fun, but the hours spent on my feet, and the work we have done over the last week and a bit have really taken its toll, I am now bid ridden...I literally can't move...and the husband, who is awesome btw, has even had to help me put on socks, and this time as if being a 32 year old octogenarian wasn't bad enough, he has even had to help get me to the bathroom.  What you don't know, and the story will come soon I promise, is that I managed to slip a disc in my lumbar way back in early March, and have been struggling ever since...thought I was almost better, but seems not!  

We have started a proper budget, and we aim to stick to it this time...We have always had a monthly budget spreadsheet, but it was difficult to stick to, as we were not great at updating it as and when we were spending money, plus the cigarettes always meant we would over spend, so now we have upgraded to a budgeting app, that we can share across several devices and smart phones, so we can update as soon as we spend the cash, getting an up to the minute report on how our spending is tracking against our budgeted outgoings.  The app is called HomeBudget, we picked up the review here at Our Freaking Budget, a great blog for those who are trying to be more money savvy, and less credit crazy...we are in the second camp, and we know it's wrong, but instant gratification is sometimes just to good to pass up.  Anyhoo, the app is an attempt to reign us in, so wish us luck, we have no excuses now, it's easy to use and update every time a penny or a pound leaves our control!  Plus if we had started last month, perhaps the trip to the new TK Maxx store next to our second home (a.k.a. B&Q) wouldn't have resulted in us spending moolah on yet more house accessories to cram into our bedsit, which add to the hazards we have to navigate or risk losing a toe, kneecap or finger!

And that is what has been going on with us, the highs, the lows, and the bargain hunting...You?  

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