Friday, 7 June 2013

It's Getting Hot in Here!

Yes! A nod to a Nelly song, getting good at this song / blog title business...

We are still in the process of getting the big jobs done, and it's getting really old, really fast!  I want to paint walls pretty colours and start accessorising, and doing DIY crafts that cost a couple of quid and look awesome, but alas, still not there yet! 

So to get you all caught up with what's been going down in the Money Pit (that's our new pet name for this crazy house), we had a new boiler fitted in February, not the sexiest of topics, so I'll keep it short, and yes, February is one of the coldest months of the year, and yes indeed Matthew did freeze his butt off! 

Boilers are super expensive, in our last property, the new boiler cost £3500 and that was in a one bedroom flat!  We opted for a combi, and installed a laundry nook where the tank and immersion used to be!  Not getting a combi seems insane to us, as the tank etc. is such a waste of precious space!

The boiler we chucked was only about 14 months old, but alas we had to spend the cash now and get rid of it before we tackled the myriad of rooms needing renovation!  It seems wasteful, but what was there was really cheap, with a very low output.  All the fab bathroom, kitchen, and loft conversion plans we have, the current boiler just was not going to cut the mustard.  The immersion heater is right where the new stairway will be going, to the attic master suite, and the cold water tank would not have made a very nice feature in the middle of said master suite, so we got the job jobbed pronto!

We went with a guy we know very well, John G, who fitted our last kitchen, and he is always round here teaching us new skills, doing odd jobs, he charges an awesome day rate, and is generally awesome!  And he has a Corgi registered mate who owed him a favour, a magic combination for a super duper new high output boiler for a great price, fitted correctly, with all the legal stuff you need for new boilers!

Cost Breakdown 
Boiler £2570 all in
Rubbish Removal £0 (thanks scrap men who come round door to door) 

Now that's one sexy new boiler!
What a bargain!  Now you all don't have a John G to get you out of a bind, so do your research, there are lots of cowboys out there, I would say get at least 4 quotes and personal recommendations from mates and family before you spend a monster chunk of change! 

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