Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Doggie Proofing!

In more current news, we officially moved out of our bedroom on Sunday 2nd after living in there since the end of January, so as you can imagine we are stoked...How we got there and what took so long is going to take some telling!  Lots of cash, chaos and mess to follow!

So the first thing we did in our new house (by we, I mean Matthew as I flew to India ten days after completing the purchase for an entire month) when we moved in was Chihuahua proof the garden.  With mature privet hedges on the property boundary there were lots of gaps at the base of the hedge which our tiny 1.5 kilo Chihuahua could escape through, and going potty in all weathers while she was on the leash was a major chore.   

When we looked at what we needed, we toyed with the idea of having a small fence the entire length of the garden, we initially costed this up to get in a contractor, and then to DIY it, and quickly sacked both ideas as it would have cost a fortune as our garden has a boundary over 240 ft long.

So we desperately needed a cheaper option so we bought a load of cheap rolls of plastic green garden mesh about 1.5ft in height, some zip ties, and a staple gun.  The plan was to fix this to the hedge using the zip ties and hope over time it blended in, so prior to starting, the hedge was given a severe short back and sides.  Then we (yep, still only Matthew) proceeded to dog proof the the entire boundary of the garden in the November wind, rain and freezing temperatures, shredding the skin off the back of his fingers trying to hook the zip ties back through the mesh....hehehehe, meanwhile I was sitting by a pool in 30 degree heat!   

Mesh x14 packs @ £175
Staple Gun £10
Zip Ties x 2 packs @ £8
Metal stakes in two sizes £5
Scrap bits of MDF from previous owners computer table £Free!
Total £198

Dilapidated Gate with Anti Chi Chi
We later added some extra defences including leftover
mesh and a random lump of granite!
No way through here.....
...or here, damn the human!
Mesh & cable tie madness, post a bit of re-growth! 
Now Summer is here, the mesh looks much better
hidden by the weeds! (note the stylish alfresco furniture)
And the moral of the story is, even though we could have shopped around for the mesh and got it much cheaper than we did from a big box DIY shop, the fact that we can now simply open the back door and fling out the Chihuahua in all weathers is PRICELESS!

So, ever settled for a less than attractive alternative and hoped for the best to save costs? 


  1. Nice solution! It is so much more convenient not to have to walk the dog every time he/she needs to go outside.

    Your full-grown privet is beautiful. I am trying for that look in my garden, but I could not afford to buy large bushes. Therefore, I bought spindly privet sticks and hope that it will fill in like a nice hedge. It has now had two summers to grow and is not looking too bad, but I want it to look like yours!

  2. Once we actually get round to adding proper manicured borders it might look a bit bald again, but should fill out eventually, hate the waiting game though! Although, quite like the wild look even though it's just very long grass and humongous weeds at the minute!


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