Friday, 10 May 2013

Why Start a Blog?

So, as you know, we completed our purchase, way back in October 2012, on the worlds most daunting (to us) renovation project of a dilapidated Victorian semi in the burbs in need of big love to bring it kicking and screaming into the modern day.  There are days now that we have been living in chaos since the end of Jan 2013 when we ask ourselves why we did that, what was going through our crazy pea brains!  More on that here, where yes, we indeed blame the DIY-centric Internet at large with their great ideas, spunky optimism, and great style and taste, and those damn lifestyle TV home shows, where they simply make things awesome with £2, glue, shoelaces and lolly sticks - I exaggerate, but you get my meaning.

After cleaning her up a bit (sort of) with a huge amount of elbow grease, ignoring her damp spots, general ugliness and peeling paint, getting super busy with my job and working abroad for 11 weeks in 4 visits, and making a conscious decision to have Christmas in relative normality before tearing the living daylights of the place to start building it back up again, we made a start!  

Just 10 days after moving in, I was here for over a month 
This is the Chihuahua waiting for her Xmas dinner!
It was fun, it was daunting, as we were trying to DIY as much as we could, saving buckets of cash as we went, and the more we did the crazier it got.  Funny things would happen, we would find stuff hidden all over the place, behind fire places, in the ceilings, under the floors and buried in the garden.  We fell in love with more tradesman (seriously I love those guys, I want to marry them so they never leave my husband and I, he feels the same way).  We discovered the laziness of at least the last two previous owners half doing jobs that even we could manage, and the terror kept on coming.  

So, the thinking behind this diatribe of my musings and house related stuff, was how do we remember all this crazy stuff, and keep a log of what we are up to?  How can we look back and see how far we have come, how much we have saved, how much we have spent, what house stuff we have fallen in love with and have to have, budget be damned?  How do we keep our nearest and dearest up to date on why we haven't been to visit in a while, how do we log our epic fails and masterful triumphs, well hopefully eventually we will have some of those to share...hehehehehehe!

Yes that's right folks, post it, warts and all, on the Internet for the world and his wife to see or not of course only time will tell!

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