Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The To Do List!

IS in the interest of full disclosure let's get some of our plans in a 'to do list' as I need to see them getting crossed off, for my own sanity!  I will include some estimated costs here and there and we can see how awesome / wrong I am as we finally get to check some of these suckers off!

We are thinking that we will do all the big structural stuff in around 3-5 years so we don't over burden ourselves financially as we have big plans, huge in fact!  Then we can do the smaller jobs in between the big stuff on the rooms that are not so heinous to get the rooms to a blank canvas that I can then decorate, furnish, style, and make homely, which let me tell you is filling me with glee.  The dusty and disruptive crap is not so much fun and is going to bug me a lot, but it is a means to an end!  

So this is the list as we thought of it when we first moved in, it was devised when we viewed the property a couple of times while we put in an offer, when we got the survey, and when we first moved in, it has since been refined and amended, and some of our ideas have been scrapped already.  Because of the ceiling price for the property of its style and size, in the given location, and of course the purchase price, we set a budget of £60,000 to do all the work, so we would not be massively out of pocket, just a teeny bit out of pocket if we did need to sell for any reason.

1. Get a new consumer unit so we don't die when we use the hairdryer, and re-wire the entire house, you known so we don't die!
2. Damp proof the entire ground floor 
3.  New soffits, fascias and guttering everywhere 
4.  Get a big ass boiler as we have big bathroom plans 
5.  Landscape the front garden and make it sexy, put in a local authority approved dropped kerb and driveway. 
£Your guess is as good as mine
6.  New front door
7.  Re-instate the Victorian-esque tiled pathway to the front door which some doofus has covered in concrete or removed completely
£Your guess is as good as mine
8.  Move the bathroom upstairs into a small bedroom
9.  Convert the loft to re-instate the third bedroom with a full width dormer and a en-suite
10.  Build a side return to widen the kitchen area
11.  Demolish the existing bathroom extension
£Free as I am that good with a sledge hammer
12.  Heighten the first extension off the back of the kitchen and have doors opening out to the garden
13.  Dig a soak-a-way in the back garden as there is zero drainage
£Free as I can dig with the best of them
14.  Repair the floors in the living room that have suffered from the damp
15.  Replace all the doors throughout with reproduction period doors and add more Victorian-esque hardware
16.  Replace all the radiators with more traditional styled ones
17.  Get sexy modern light switch plates to give it the 'high spec' look
18.  Build a huge patio for alfresco living, complete with pizza oven and BBQ, as we are known for our great summers in the UK - Yeah right!
£Your guess is as good as mine
19.  Put in new kitchen, flooring and tiling
20. Put in some salvaged period fireplaces, again, because some doofus has removed them all
21.  Get a wood burner in the living room

Crap, so I'm not genius, but this little lot is clearly over our £60,000 budget, and I bet I have forgotten some glaringly obvious costs too.  Of course, not included here is what we have to spend on carpet, decor, furniture, and finishing touches.  So, the challenge is to DIY as much of this as possible to get it to be as close to the budget as possible...this is going to be hard!

Are you a realist when it comes to budgeting, or are you like me, a guestimator who is wildly off?

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