Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Moving Day, In With the New

So we were in, a quick dash to pick up the keys, and drive the mile or so to our new address, some sweet reverse parking of the van and with some trepidation we opened the front door, while making a mental note that one of the first things to go had to be door!  I mean a loud fart could have blown it open, not very secure to say the least!

As we started to unload, we had a good rootle around to survey our new pad, as when we viewed it previously, it was packed to the gunnels with the previous owners belongings, and we knew this house had issues, but seeing it bare, we could see just how much work was needed.  Mmmm, I love damp patches!

I managed to have the foresight to take some pictures of the 'crazy' in our new pad, long before I decided to start this blog as an online diary of the renovation we were about to undertake.  So for your viewing pleasure, the highlights!
Stylish!  A thrifted shelf-holder-upper!  A nice housewarming gift from the previous owners
Manky moldiness, yum!
Who can be without their very own polystyrene fire hazard?
Not us that's for sure!
Mmmm, flaky plaster, to set off the fire hazard! 
Random hole 
Random wires and really rotten floor, it literally moved about 3 inches if you touched it! 
Flaky paint
The husband hard at work, yummy!
Break for a photo opp!  Hubby & Brother in Law a.k.a Slave labour 
"A full on Monet!" and yes that is a Cher Horowitz Clueless reference! Bam!
Saggy floor, peeling paint and mould combo here!
With just over an hour to unload the van and return it we set off at a lightning pace, box after box flying into the new pad, just in the nick of time as the heavens opened.  Right just the sofa to get in now.....

Epic fail, number two of moving day, the first being the parking ticket.  Lesson Learnt: measure your damn sofa before you move!

It fitted in the front door, but the living room door was a no-go, no matter how we lifted, twisted, begged, cursed and beat it, it just would not fit.  So change of plan, back out the front door (still raining) and round the back.  In it went, well half way and promptly got stuck again, it finally ended up in the bathroom for a couple of days (no idea how Matthew's brother managed it) and then back out, round the front and up the stairs to live until our window chap could come round and take a window out to get the blighter in!!  So luckily when we find a good trades person, we hang on to them for dear life so we have a group of people to call when things don't go to plan.

How do you guys find moving house?  Loads of fun or stressful nightmare?  I thought it was fun, but in the same vane, I am never doing it again...!

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  1. That was a fun day aside from the parking ticket and realisation that the sofa would not fit!


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