Thursday, 18 April 2013

Moving Day, Out With the Old

So the day was upon us - Friday 5th of October 2012, it was moving day and it seemed to take forever to come around.  We were up very early to drop off the Chihuahua at the parents and pick up the hire van, this is why we have no furry photo bombs in the next few posts.  So here's one, just in case like me you need a bit of cute to get through the day.

Halloween costume for Oct 2012
We already had nearly everything already boxed up, and a lot of belongings were already at the parents from when we were readinging the house for sale, more on that here, but we still had some odds and sods to pack.  The husband's brother was on-board to be our labourer, and my goodness we put him to work.   

Mmmm! Chaos

Eventually everything was packed up and loaded in the van, despite Matthew's back seizing on the first box lift, cue his brother with some finger jabbing in his back, did the trick though!  We were almost ready to go after a mad cleaning dash round the whole flat.  After all it's only polite to leave a place as you wish to find it.  

So other than the parking ticket, more on that herewhich was the low point of the day, we were only an hour late in handing in the keys.  Everything was now ready for our lovely buyer to move in and start her new life in a place where we had spent so many happy times.   
Hoorah! Order restored
Our beautiful kitchen...we will be referring to it a lot in the coming posts!

Onwards we went, as the day was not over, we still had to unload our goods at the new place, and then finally ditch the hire van back to the rental yard....more on that coming soon!

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