Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Decision to Move

By the time we left our first property, in the 8 or so years we lived there, we had decorated every room twice.  We had replaced all of the flooring with hard wearing laminate, replaced all of the light fixtures and fittings, replaced all of the door hardware, the sockets and switch plates, spent hours glossing the miles of skirting and architrave, and the 7 brown doors, each taking 7 coats of paint each side.  

We spent a lot of our hard earned funds getting the trades in to do the complicated stuff, fit a new boiler, fit a shower and re-tile the bathroom, fit double glazing, and fit a new kitchen.  We upgraded our budget IKEA furniture with slightly less budget IKEA pieces and even branched out to purchase a Scandinavian designer arm chair (it was majorly discounted as was shop soiled, so we were on to a winner). 

We had done everything, except the hall way, and a few decorative bits and bobs we had planned such as a travel picture frame wall, it was almost perfect.  

We had toyed with the idea of moving in the past, but saving money was never our strong suit and once we had saved up a little, we would jet off on an adventure, and that would be bye bye savings, and hello larger credit card bill....yes I know very naughty but there we go. 

Then one fateful day we decided to visit my husbands niece, this was in April 2011.  I was given a lecture before we made the 10 minute walk to their house just up the road...let's just say, in hindsight, that lecture should have been listened to by the husband more than me.  

We got there, and visited with our brand new great nephew born in the February 2011, he was adorable, cute as a button.

Babies, so cute!
It was not the adorable squidgy cute baby that started us on the fateful path to where we are today...Nope, not was this!

Chihuahua Puppy
Cuteness overload!

A teeny tiny 8 week old Chihuahua puppy, and this was the day we met her.  So you can guess the content of the lecture I got from the husband, that's right, it was not the baby lecture, it was a puppy lecture.  It was all very well reasoned that we don't have a garden, we work full time, let's not get excited, we are just going to see the puppies, not take one home, you get the idea!

I quote my husband verbatim now when we walked home "I love her"...and that is how our family grew to 3.  I was secretly thrilled as I was just as gaga about the tiny pooch as he was!

Now, we needed to make some changes, we needed to save, we needed a garden, so the journey to move began! 

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