Sunday, 3 February 2013

Puppy Love!

So, we were about to become doggie parents, we called up our niece and said as no-one had come forward to adopt her last remaining puppy, that we would, as we had discussed it fully and came up with a plan on how we could manage this huge responsibility while working full time. 

But first we needed some time to get ready for the puppies home coming.  We visited our new puppy so she knew us before she came home, and put worn clothing in her bed so she knew out scent.

We had two weeks to make the flat puppy proof, we went and got all of the supplies we needed, found a puppy training class for when her jabs were completed and bleached the outside concrete areas of our flat so we had a space to potty train in, as she was still not fully vaccinated.  We cleared our new addition with our respective bosses so we could take at least 3 weeks between us working from home, in this time we would potty and crate train, and start her training so she could be left for some time for when we were due to return to work.

This is the day she came home aged 11 weeks, so she had lots of time with her doggie mama, our nieces' dog called Lolly, who was sent to the reputable breeder that she came from to get it on with a studly doggie daddy called Charlie. 

Coming Home!
Crate training 101

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