Saturday, 2 February 2013

Dipping Our Toes

So our first flat is where our DIY journey began...we started small and learnt as we went along, making our home.  Let's just say the first shelf we ever put on a wall was not even close to straight, but it never fell down, so we didn't give up.

Our first attempt at decorating and home making looked like this, a step up from the original beige we started out with when we moved in with only 2 deck chairs and a blow up mattress.  

Our teeny tiny 80s kitchen
The Husband, just after our nuptials in Oct 2009, we were in a brown phase!

Money was tight so we did it all on a very limited budget, we decorated throughout, after all paint is pretty cheap and you get instant bang for your buck.  

We also tried our hand at laying a laminate floor in our tiny kitchen, it looked fine considering it was pretend wood and very cheap.  As I chose to ignore the step where you remove the existing floor and put down underlay, it squeaked relentlessly until it was ripped out in 2010 when we renovated the kitchen.

All our furniture came either as less than stylish hand-me-downs, but mainly from Ikea, a great place for any new home makers looking for budget furniture and accessories, if fact, it is still our go to store to this day for various bits and bobs.  Although I must say now-a-days, we are less wall to wall out of the pages of the catalogue, and have now mixed and matched with other brands, thrifted, and vintage.

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